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  • Can I book a table?
    Unfortunatley, as we are such a small venue, we currently do not take bookings. However, we tend to have a fast turnover so waiting times for tables are not usually too long (around 5-10 minutes). If you have a party of 5 people or more there may be longer waiting times. If the weather is good then we have an extra 8 tables outside, so the wait times for tables drop dramatically. However during the summer period we are very busy, which may effect the time you wait for tables.
  • Can I reserve cronuts?
    Yes, absolutley! Our cronuts get delivered to us around 11am on a Friday and 10am on a Sunday. You can call our phone (02922 400355), send us a message through our website or contact us through social media (preferred) to reserve cronuts for a later pick up. If we are busy instore however, we may not have time to answer our phone, so contacting us through social media usually makes sure your cronut reservations are seen even during busy periods. We will message back to confirm that we have seen your message and that we have reserved your cronuts.
  • Can I book out the venue for a private function?
    At present it is not possible to book our venue for a private function.
  • Can I buy Fat Dragon Coffee instore?
    Yes. We sell 250g bags of Fat Dragon Coffee (both ground and beans) in store for £8 each
  • Do you have Vegan options?
    Yes. We can adapt our menu items to suit vegans and will even have dedicated vegan options on our new summer 2019 menu. We can also do a vegan version of our famous real hot chocolate.
  • Do you have dairy alternative milks?
    Yes. We offer soy, coconut, oat and almond milk options.
  • Are you dog friendly?
    Yes. We are very dog friendly and dogs are welcome at our cafe at all but one of our tables (the table closest to the bar) as it is too close to the kitchen. We do ask that you observe our house rules (or just general pooch etiquette) including: - No wet dogs allowed inside (they tend to shake watery coats when they enter which ends up in food, drinks and on tables... which isn't great) - Dogs must be on a lead - Please make sure your pooch is not laying in a walkway as they become a tripping hazard (we also don't want them to get hurt if someone does step on them) - Excessive barking can also lead to complaints from our neighbours (and the other businesses in our building). So if your dog does bark please try and prevent it as we want to always welcome our furry friends, complaints will jepordise that. - Please don't let your pooch on the table in any way. They can also not sit on the chairs (as much as we would love that to happen, it's not hygeinic so all pooches must remain on the floor)
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